Tower Bridge Zoom Course


3 Day workshop!

1pm to 3pm ET Zoom meeting with  downloadable recording each day!


3 Day workshop!

1pm to 3pm ET Zoom meeting with recording each day! The best part about this course is you can rewind, fast forward, and re-watch any part of it. Because you will have your own copy on your own device! No need to log in a certain time on a certain day to get your workshop fix!

Tower Bridge London with
Laurie Goldstein-Warren
Workshop Materials List

Each student will need to bring the following materials:

Paint colors: Quinacridone Gold – Daniel Smith or similar gold
Watercolors Quinacridone Rose – Daniel Smith or similar rose
Cobalt Blue – Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith
Antwerp Blue – Winsor & Newton
Lamp Black – Winsor & Newton
Hematite Genuine- Daniel Smith

Adjustable nozzle Spray Bottle – Make sure you can adjust spray to get big drops as well as a fine mist.
Butcher Tray Palette (I use an 11” X 15”) We will be using BIG brushes. Bring in a smaller palette or paper plate for acrylic paint so you do not pollute your watercolor palette.
Water Bucket
Hair dryer
Tape rolls or something to raise your board at least 2”.
Mouth Atomizer This will be used to tone areas and add texture to our street.

Brushes: 2”or 3” Hake Brush, #12 Round, 1 ½” Flat Brush, #8 Round with good point tip, a stiff bristle ¼” or ½” flat brush, Old toothbrush, Masking Brush

Masking Fluid (I use Pebeo drawing gum) It can be dried with a hair dryer and lifts easily from your paper.
Towels and Kleenex tissue
Watercolor Paper (I always use Fabriano Artistico bright white 140 lb.) It has the greatest “lifting” capability than any other paper I’ve tried. If you don’t have it, bring a good quality 140 lb. watercolor paper. Bring 2-3 sheets.

Pencils (HB or #2 hardness)
A good soft eraser

I look forward to seeing you there!