April Dynamic Pouring Class


I’m offering a new pouring class for April. April 12, 19 and 26, 2022. I’m shaking things up by doing a weekly class so that everyone has time to pour. My projects will be available or you choose your subject. These days are Tuesdays. The Class will be recorded for download after each day so you can review any time you would like! 



Material List:

Dynamic Pouring
Laurie Goldstein-Warren
Workshop Materials List
Paint colors: Quinacridone Gold – Daniel Smith or similar gold
Watercolors Quinacridone Rose – Daniel Smith or similar rose
Cobalt Blue – Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith
Antwerp Blue – Winsor & Newton
Lamp Black – Winsor & Newton
(These can all be purchased through Cheap Joe’s www.cheapjoes.com)
Paint Colors: Golden Fluid Acrylics found at Cheap Joes, Daniel
Acrylics Smith or Jerry’s Artorama
Quin. Nickel Azo Gold
Quinacridone Red
Cobalt Blue
Carbon Black
Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)
These acrylic colors are closest to my limited watercolor palette.
(Also all available at www.cheapjoes.com)
Adjustable nozzle Spray Bottle – Make sure you can adjust spray to get big drops as well as a fine mist. (You can buy one at any retail store such as Walmart)
Mouth Atomizer – Holbein makes the only one I have ever successfully used. It’s worth it to get this one. (www.cheapjoes.com)
Butcher Tray Palette (I use an 11” X 15”) We will be using BIG brushes. Bring in a smaller palette or plastic plate for acrylic paint so you do not pollute your watercolor palette. (www.cheapjoes.com)
Water Bucket (Any retail store, something the size of a peanut butter jar or wider)
At least five old measuring cups or similar size pouring containers. One with lids are ideal, like old moisturizer jars. (I bought mine on Amazon.com, plastic jars with lids at least 4 oz. size)
Hair dryer
Brushes: 2”or 3” Hake Brush, #12 Round, 1 ½” Flat Brush, #8 Round with good point tip, a stiff bristle ¼” or ½” flat brush (These should all be inexpensive brushes if you are going to use acrylic, if you choose to use watercolor, you can find inexpensive or great brushes at www.cheapjoes.com.)
Masking Fluid (I use Pebeo drawing gum) It can be dried with a hair dryer and lifts easily from your paper. (www.cheapjoes.com, this is the BEST masking fluid ever! I highly recommend you get it)
1” Masking tape
Towels, Paper towels and tissue
Watercolor Paper (I always use Fabriano Artistico bright white 140 lb.) It has the greatest “lifting” capability than any other paper I’ve tried. If you don’t have it, bring a good quality 140 lb. watercolor paper. We will use 2-3 sheets. (www.cheapjoes.com)
Pencils (HB or #2 hardness)
A good soft eraser
Transfer paper Transfer paper (wax-free) Can be found at A.C. Moore or through most art supply outlets on the internet. This can be shared between students/each sheet can be used several times. I get mine from Dick Blick – Sally’s wax free Graphite Paper
NAC INDUSTRIAL Waterproof Anti-Slip DROP CLOTH – Professional Surface Protection SAFETY MAT (40″ x 40″) (2 of these, one for table and one for the floor) Available on Amazon.
If you prefer, you can supply your own project to work on, such as a portrait, still life or abstract. Make sure you leave enough “background”/ negative space for this pouring method.