Student Reviews:

Laurie Warren WW, SWS, NEWS, Warren Watercolors, Buckhannon, Elkins, Morgantown, Charleston, WV, PA, NY

Elijah, Transparent Watercolor, 30″x22″

Limited Palette Portraits:

“I loved the color palette and I am so happy I can finally create amazing backgrounds.  I also learned a lot about value.” 

“Wonderfully informative, you gave me another approach to portraits.  This will carry me forward with gusto.” 

“This is an excellent workshop. I learned what I came to learn.” 

“I have enjoyed this workshop very much.  Recently, I attended a week long workshop and did not come away with as much information as I did in this 2 ½ day workshop.  There was a lot of valuable and useful information that I will be incorporating into my work.” 

“This was my first workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned many new techniques.  I wish it had been for one week so I could learn even more.  DVD’s of your instructions would be great!” 

“I loved this workshop and I learned so many new techniques.  Now I find that I can’t view a person, on TV or in person or in photos without drawing in my mind all the shadows and outlines on the face and clothes.” 

“First, I really enjoyed myself and I’m inspired, validated and feeling good about myself.  You reminded me of the joys of a limited transparent palette.” 

“This is a very useful workshop!  I know I can take the limited palette and wet into wet technique and use them in my work.  Laurie is excellent at passing along techniques allowing the student to develop their own style.” 

“I felt you made everyone feel they could do anything you asked us to do.  Thank you for sharing so much with us.” 

“It was awe inspiring!  Color use was very informative.” 

“I am definitely incorporating these color techniques into my work.  I now have confidence in doing people. Thank you!” 

“Laurie has made portraits become more “do-able”.  I have avoided figures for years, but yet it was always something I have wanted to do.  Now I can!” 

Laurie Warren WW, SWS, NEWS, Warren Watercolors, Buckhannon, Elkins, Morgantown, Charleston, WV, PA, NY

Blue, Transparent Watercolor, 30″x22″

Dynamic Pouring:

“This workshop was great!  Laurie is so positive by still helpful in her criticism.  Besides learning the pouring, I learned many general techniques!”

 “Laurie is an incredible instructor.  She is patient, enthusiastic and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!”

 “The demonstrations Laurie does makes the techniques more clear.  Loved the whole experience.  Will definitely take her class again!”

 “The instruction was exciting and clear.  No “secrets”.  A week well spent.”

 “Great teacher, demos, individual help, critiques and knowledge of art, color design and composition.”

 “Great workshop. I really appreciate your teaching and the pace of your workshop.  I really enjoy hearing and learning the How and Why a painting is resolved.  Sometimes you know it isn’t working but it is difficult to determine the reason.  Value? Design?  I learned a lot!”