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It’s Winter but It’s Spring

Landau Eugene Murphy
From the Heart

January brings about the time to start entering the Spring exhibitions around the country.  To my artist friends, remember to photograph your work carefully, crop to show ONLY the image, no computer generated alterations to the original look of the work and READ, READ, READ your prospectus.  They can be tedious, a lot of the language is similar from organization to organization, but one small detail, like if the work has to be listed for sale or not, can be problematic if you enter a work that is already sold or is a work you do not want to sell.  This can be heartbreaking if your work is accepted and you have to withdraw it just because you missed one small sentence in the prospectus.  I am excited to see the challenge results of fellow artists to my article for Watercolor Artist magazine.  I have received a few emails from artists who are giving it a try and have seen some of their work.  Really outstanding images.  Good Luck to everyone who plans to enter their work in exhibitions this year.  Remember, no one can see your work if you aren’t putting it out there.  Whenever we share our vision, good things happen!  Keep your brushes wet.


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